Good Talent Doesn’t Take A Break

talent acquisition

It’s finally become acceptable to talk about all things Christmas and the New Year break.

While most of us are ticking off the present list, replying to all the social events and looking forward to the days and weeks off in the warm sun….you should know that many job seekers use this time to look for their next move.​

Good talent doesn’t take a break. Those that are top of their game work hard all year and often the only period they get to stop and look up is over Christmas/New Year. Conscientious employees who don’t want to go to job interviews in work time will suddenly be free and will start job hunting in earnest. Is your company ready to scoop up this talent while your competitors sip their cocktails by the pool?

Safety People are the network connection in the industry for Safety, Risk, Injury Management and Workcover professionals. We are the first call that many candidates make when thinking of the next move. Our consultants will be connecting and updating with great talent over December and January. It will pay for you to let us know what your intentions are for recruitment in the new year. Even if you are not ready to hire right now, just listing your interest with us could mean you find out about the best people early when you return in the new year.

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