Senior Case Manager Position Available

Hi, it’s Adele and Rachel here from SafetyPeople. We’re here to talk to you about some positions we have available in our work cover space. Tell us about the roles you’ve got at the moment, Rachel.

So look, I’ve got two roles. One in New South Wales, one in Victoria. Both permanent roles with a significant self-insurer. They’re senior claims management roles, so end-to-end case management, claims management, through to return-to-work, and claims closure. So really, after some really strong portfolio operators with really good technical depth.

Okay. So they need to have experience for these roles?

They need to experience, yeah. And self-insurance experience is preferable.

Excellent. Okay. What’s the salary expectation for these roles.

Look, salaries sitting between 85 to 90 plus super.

Okay, very good. And if somebody’s interested in applying, they can contact you via the details that we’ll have on the screen below.

Yes, please. Yeah, I’d like to speak to them.

Tell us, lastly, what is in it for the candidate? Why should somebody apply for this role? How would this enhance their career?

This is a significance Australian employer. So not only is there going to be some solid experience by being part of this organization, but there may be further opportunities for growth and career progression within the organization. So it’s a great opportunity for somebody to grow with the business.

Fantastic. If that sounds like it interests you, if you know somebody who might be suitable for it, get in touch with Rachel on the details below, and we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.