Why Reference Checking is more important than ever

With the world around us currently operating under unprecedented circumstances and employees working from home sheltering from the COVID 19 pandemic, recruiting and hiring practices have had to adapt to reflect the changing needs of organisations.

It is more important than ever to ensure best practice for hiring be maintained for any organisation’s health.
Having a surplus of job seekers on the market due to high layoffs and closures sees applicants sending of their resumes in volumes. Reference checking can mean the difference between onboarding a quality candidate versus a bad apple.

The increasing inability to meet candidates face to face, where body language, eye contact, personal grooming and other intangible qualities have provided insightful indications of character, a quality reference check can glean additional and important information such as emotional intelligence, personal motivation, values and team work. This further information will help you make the correct hiring decision.

We all know hiring the wrong employee is bad for business, and the price of a hastily made hiring decision can not only impact the business operations but the morale of other employees.

A remote workforce may be the new normal, necessitating changes to many organisations recruitment processes, rest assured, a quality reference check remains a vital piece of the puzzle.

The world is changing, and so is the way we do business. With most of the workforce sheltering and working from home, recruiting and hiring practices need to adapt. But reference checking remains the all-important tool used to gain critical insight on a potential employee, has become an even more crucial element to hiring success.

Have you done a health check on your recruitment processes recently?
Is reference checking a priority in your process?

Some insights suggest that candidates are taking the risk, giving you referee details, crossing their fingers that your process is a lapse and you won’t make that call; you now have a bad seed in your team.

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