We are Safety People

We love the mindset of safety people because they focus on the safety of all.

Whether you’re an O.H.S, Injury Management or Workers Compensation Professional we include you under that Safety banner.

A safety person does not ignore the safety of individual states, they don’t see safety as just for individual departments or specific roles in the business.

Safety is for everyone within the organisation.

So watching the media promotion of a division of states, state of origin and political war of words has been tiresome.

As a country, the picture looks divided.

As safety people we have an opportunity to come together as a profession and as a community to share and show leadership through times like this.

It’s just one of the reasons we come together in our Safety People Forums each month.

The discussions, feedback and camaraderie that have evolved from these sessions has been inspiring.

The last 18 months have been challenging, AND we’ve handled those challenges well.

We’ve taken the opportunity to improve the conversation of Safety throughout each of our businesses.

We’ve taken the opportunity to enhance the importance of safety and the importance of people within our organisations and we’ve show others how to manage crisis, respond effectively and adapt to change.

We’ve been been a strong constant in the fluctuating mindset of the country.

We’re not super human, just people with a focus on what matters and a perspective that maybe useful for others to emulate.

Adaptable, practical and thoughtful of the perspectives of those around us.

As safety people we have an opportunity to come together across Australia, bridge borders, rise above the division in this country and bring the conversation to where it matters.

We’d love you to be part of the conversation at our next Safety People Forum and if you have safety friends and colleagues who should be in the virtual room, invite them along.

We’d love to add their voice to the discussion of Safety in Australia.

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