Building a Thriving Workplace: Safety People Forum

Join O.H.S, Injury Management or Risk professionals from around the country as we discuss the challenges and opportunities in your role.

This month we’ll be discussing subjects including:

  • A special guest presenter Dr. Natalie Flatt
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Safety Professionals

A great chance for you to join your peers across the country to be part of the discussion. So invite colleagues from different states to be part of the action, bring your lunch and join the conversation as we discuss what’s happening now and what we are all doing to move forward in this new season of safety.

Presentation Topic:

Building a Thriving Workplace: Discussing how to safeguard Mental Health, Employee Safety and Wellbeing within OHS Frameworks.

Dr. Natalie Flatt is a registered psychologist with 19 years of experience. She began her career as a researcher, studying new therapies from overseas and analysing their effectiveness in the Australian population.

With 15 years of presentation experience across all industries and lifespans. Natalie values working closely with key decision makers to create wellness innovation within teams that is contemporary yet authentic. Natalie values the ‘how-to’ approach to wellbeing supported by research evidence to lead to greater motivation and behaviour change.

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Seats are strictly limited so secure your seat now and we’ll see you on the day.

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