Streamline your personal injury claims process with our expert recruitment services.

We specialise in filling roles across Worker’s Compensation (Scheme and Comcare), Compulsory Third Party (CTP), and Life Insurance, providing you with skilled Case Managers, Claims Advisors, and Injury Management Experts. Our talent ensures efficient claims handling and excellent customer service.
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Our expertise in personal injury recruitment means we understand the industry's unique challenges.

We source and place top talent in roles such as Workers’ Compensation Specialists, CTP Advisors, and Claims Assessors. Our goal is to provide you with professionals who can manage claims efficiently and support your clients effectively.

Advance your career in personal injury sector

Advance your career in personal injury with our specialised recruitment services. We connect professionals with leading Workers’ Compensation, CTP, and Life Insurance organisations. Whether you’re a Case Manager, Claims Advisor, or Injury Management Expert, we have opportunities that match your expertise and career goals.
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Explore current jobs in personal injury sector


Meet the recruitment team

Get to know the leaders and innovators through their profiles and stories. Learn how their passion and commitment to promoting safer work environments inspire everything we do and how you could potentially collaborate with or join our outstanding team.

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