Easter Safety

April Updates

April brings several updates in the safety sector. This update covers regulatory changes, educational opportunities, and a summary of our recent event, providing essential information for professionals in workplace safety.

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Safety People Social Forum

Wrap Up – March Safety People Forum

The recent Safety People Forum brought together industry professionals to discuss the evolving landscape of workplace safety training and development. The forum highlighted several key points that underscore the challenges

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Joseph Matti

Safety People Team Announcement

We’re very pleased to introduce our new team member Joseph Matti. Joseph stands out as an accomplished recruiter, backed by a strong sales background. His impressive experience spans over four

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safety people forum event

This Month in Safety

If you missed the Safety People Forum this month you may want to hear what your peers have been saying. It’s been a HUGE two years, we all know that.

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Safety People of Australia

We are Safety People

We love the mindset of safety people because they focus on the safety of all. Whether you’re an O.H.S, Injury Management or Workers Compensation Professional we include you under that

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