March Safety People Forum

The Safety People Forum this month generated great and lively conversations, covering topics such as Psychological Safety, Occupational Violence, Wearables, and practical frontline Safety strategies. Several Safety Professionals highlighted increases in various forms of Occupational Violence, leading to a discussion on resilience. While resilience training is being delivered, there is no customer training for good behavior, raising the question of where to focus our energy – on post-event resilience or training situational prevention and customer management.

Three important questions were raised:

  • Have people’s fuses shortened since Covid?
  • Are team members now reporting more incidents?
  • Have service levels decreased, leading to increased customer frustration?

It’s critical to eliminate violence in the workplace, but the question arises: should we focus on ways to eliminate the problem that are within our control or simply expect the public to lead the way?

The Safety People Forum won’t be held in April, but we’ll return stronger in May with an expert speaker to start the conversation. Current options include the Psychological Safety Amendment, Aging Workforce, and Wearable Technology. If you have a topic to suggest, please let us know. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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