Market is Not Just for New Customers.

Marketing is a process. Creating a path for people you care about to know, like and trust you.

While most business focus their marketing spend directly on gaining new customers, the smart ones understand that it is as important to attract great people as it is to attract great work.

So the question is…What is your business doing to market for talent attraction?

How are you getting known by those looking to work with a great business like yours?

And, how are you engaging future employees to start a conversation with you?

There are a lot of questions, as there are when starting any marketing campaign, but the first thing to determine, is the ideal team you’re wanting to attract.

Once you know WHO you’re marketing to, the rest becomes a lot easier.

If you’re hiring for skills then determining where they these skilful people are becomes the priority. So that you know where to share you message.

If you’re hiring for values and attitude, then getting the right message when going to market becomes critical.

We’re NOT talking about advertising roles. We’re talking about creating a people attraction machine through your business brand, communications and the stories you share.

This could be a great opportunity to bring together, often siloed, departments to work towards a common goal.

Combine the minds of your Marketing and Human Resources team to come up with some great new programs that add massive value to the organisation.

We’ve certainly seen companies doing this with the graduate market, but what about all the other people you need in the business?

What more could be done with a shift in perspective and strategy, from marketing for great customers to marketing for great people.

If you’re doing great things in talent attraction, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know via email at
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