Telehealth and Personalised Virtual Health Assistants – A New Employee Benefit?

During our recent Healthcare/Aged Care discussion group the topic of Telehealth services was raised as an Employee Benefit.

Is this a new concept?  In the Healthcare and Health Insurance sectors the answer is no. But what is new is the intersection of Artificial-Like Intelligent Machine Learning to create Personalised Virtual Health Assistance (VHA).

Imagine going to a website or logging into an app in which you were greeted by a friendly virtual assistant who asked what you wanted – and then immediately gave you the right answer – or directed you to the right place.

The VHAs don’t rely merely on voice recognition software, and technology has improved to the point where they now are able to use and understand natural language.

But in addition to being able to converse with people, VHAs use personal data and context to establish emotional and social relationships in the same way that people do and can make suggestions based on learned preferences and problem solving.

On the other hand, despite its immense popularity throughout early 2021, Telehealth has for decades been expanding throughout these sectors offering solutions from patient portals and nurse hotlines to virtual doctor visits.

Coronavirus pandemic with its stay-at-home orders, masking mandates and social distancing, boosted telehealth activity by more than 41 percent.

A recent survey conducted by a Business Group reports that nearly all employers will offer this employee benefit with 91% offering online appointments for mental health.

It’s the combination of these two technologies that is now providing a real benefit for businesses.

Have you considered this offering to your employees?

For the first time in a long time, we are faced with tightening candidate markets and any opportunity to enhance your engagement strategy is worth reviewing.

Job seekers are now looking at more than career progression in their employer of choice. Get ahead of your competitors….this one might be the engagement you need with a candidate that has multiple opportunities.

Interested to know how other organisations are evolving their employee attraction activities? Let us know, we’d love to speak with you.

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